Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

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Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

Vanakkam- Warm Greetings from Inka

Inka, best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne vows to serve their guests the best South Indian food in Hawthorn. India is a concoction of cultures, a large variety of languages, and a varied number of cuisines. Each corner of this country upholds its lifestyle, literature, and food. Colorful and blending several spices, each dish tells you a story. At Inka, we present you the essence of South India, each bite cooked with care to make your soul groove in delight.

Chronicle of Inka

Food for many people is an emotion, a way of survival for all, and the universal upholder of traditions. Inka started their journey with the aim of illustrating the South Indian tradition. South Indian food originates from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. The chefs at Inka prepare every dish with their excellence and skills gained over years. It elevates the taste a notch higher, every bite is sure to make your soul groove in delight.

Services Offered By Inka

At Inka, we put customer priority on top of the list, customers make us what we are. Bringing joy to the customers makes our every effort count. Inka Restaurant offers services such as Dine-in, Take-away, Catering, and Party. Inka Restaurant showcases a decor that speaks about the rich heritage of South India. Celebrate your special day or hop in for a long hour of lunch with a friend, we will make sure it is memorable. Inka also has a take-away service, a menu designed with their specials. No worries if you want to dig into that yummy meal at the comfort of your home. Inka also offers party and catering services. No worries if you are planning a birthday or anniversary. A dedicated team at Inka will take all the details and give you an outline of the entire food menu.

Coconut and Spices

Indian cuisines are a mix of various spices. Each cuisine holds its distinct taste depending on the proportion of spices used. South Indian cuisine uses cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, and pepper. Starting from light snacks there are diverse mouth-watering meals and delectable sweet dishes. South Indian cuisine is a mix of royalty and indigenous. You can dive into Biryani and the meals of Nizams. You can also go lite on your stomach and enjoy some crispy dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. relished by the native South Indians on a daily basis. Often cooked with coconut oil, the food is healthy as well.

Inka’s Claim to Fame

The menu at Inka contains a wide variety of dishes.

  • If you are looking for some healthy delight wrapped in taste, then Inka’s special Gobi will be a perfect pick. Prepared with cauliflower, this dish consists of a chef’s special sauce. It comes topped with veggies.
  • Inka’s popular Prawn Skewers is perfect for Grilled food cravings. Prawns are marinated with the chef’s special mix and coconut milk. Finally, after grilling it is served hot with onions and lemon on the side. You can chomp on these with a glass of lemonade or some coke.
  • Inka’s special Goan fish curry will take you to the coast of South India. The curry consists of tomato, onion, mild spices, coconut milk, and a hint of mango, which adds to the tangy taste. The same curry can come with Prawn fish as well, perfect for prawn lovers. The curry can be well enjoyed with some hot rice.
  • Paniyaram, a traditional South Indian Dish is another sought-after dish from Inka restaurant. The small dumplings are crispy and have a spicy tinge of flavor. Made with fermented lentil and rice batter, these come crisp fried. This delightful dish comes with chutneys for an extra flavor.
  • Served with a creamy gravy base, the Nawabi Lamb will create vivid pictures of the bygone regal days. The creamy gravy consists of cashew and poppy seed, blended to achieve that texture.

What Are You Waiting For?

Inka started their journey in 2010. It achieved its place as the best authentic Indian restaurant because of its passion. It has pushed them to maintain serving quality food to the guests. The customer reviews are the ultimate reward for Inka that makes them enthusiastic. Inka with its fine ambiance is sure to make your experience an unforgettable one. An evening adda with your friends over their masala tea will bring back memories. Inka suggests making reservations beforehand for avoiding any trouble. Visit Inka, the restaurant that serves the best dosa in Melbourne. The best curry restaurant in Hawthorn will make you try more South Indian delicacies.

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