Best Takeaway Indian Food in Hawthorn

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Best Takeaway Indian Food in Hawthorn

Coastal Taste on the Land Down Under

Cuisines all around the world have their forte. South Indian delicacies have their essence too. Inka, with its authentic menu, is the best takeaway Indian food in Hawthorn. Their menu consists of various Indian dishes. They are best known for their mastery of South Indian delicacies.

Coastal Pièce de Résistance

Among the many dishes famous from the coastal part of India, dosa remains the most known of all. Idli secures second place in this list. Every dish has its story of existence, how it originated and secured a place. Dosa has an amazing backstory. The controversy on whether it originated in Karnataka in Tamil Nadu is still up for debate. You will enjoy the meal in a different way the next time you grab a plate from the best Takeaway Indian Food in Hawthorn.

Dosa Saga

The story of the origin of Dosa starts from Udupi, a city present in Karnataka. Brahmins in those days had many restrictions when it came to food and drinking habits. Alcohol was a forbidden drink. As ideas were not prohibited, a Brahmin cook, also known as Adiga tried making alcohol. Fermentation of rice was one of the famous processes of making alcohol during those days. After trying a few times, the Adiga gave up his attempt at making alcohol. But this did not stop him from trying something else. He poured that fermented rice mixture on a pan and voila, dosa came into being. Yet, the dosa batter used today includes rice as well as black lentils in the ratio of 3:1.

Why Dosa?

We have answers for that too. Considering the origin story of Karnataka, the name “dosa” came from the word “dosha”. In the Kannada language “dosha” means “sin”. The entire process of trying and making alcohol was a sin. The crepe that came out of that fermented batter was “dosha”, which later converted to “dosa”.

Plain to Masala Dosa

While this was the story of the origin of plain dosa, there is also a story behind Masala dosa and how it came into being. With a tinge of royalty, the story takes us back to the Maharaja of Mysore. So, the Maharaja at the end of one of his lavish parties observed a good amount of food was still there. As a man of values, he did not want to waste the food, and his group of the creative kitchen staff came to the rescue. The idea was to make plain dosas and stuff them with potato leftovers and thus, Masala Dosa was born.

Taste Some Enthralling Stories

The best takeaway Indian food in Hawthorn, Inka serves mouth-watering food and stories. Cooked in the flame of heritage and culture, the dishes will make your tummy happiest. Taste bits and pieces of history with each dish live the stories through food. Each dish is a story, let these stories intrigue you as you visit Inka.

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